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Finally we take a closer look at the split aircon or the aircon with outdoor unit. This air conditioning system is perfect for quietly cooling a home. With one outdoor unit you can control different indoor units in different rooms and thus provide every room with cool and fresh air. Since the compressor is in the outdoor unit, you do not suffer from noise inside. In addition, the tubes from the outdoor unit to the indoor units are a lot narrower and smaller in diameter. With a split aircon you also have the subdivision between a single or multi split aircon. You can keep Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd as the helping hand here.

In this first, the outdoor unit is attached to the outside of the wall where the indoor unit is located. In the case of a multi-split aircon, the placement of the outdoor unit is separate from the indoor units. The best way to have the new installation of the split air conditioning system, renovation and split air conditioning repaired is to a certified installer of air conditioning systems.

Maintenance air conditioning

If you have installed a fixed air conditioning system monoblock or split air conditioning then it is more than advisable to have the air conditioning checked annually. A certified technician then provides a thorough maintenance. The maintenance of air conditioning prevents many problems and possible repairs.

Maintenance of air conditioning includes

  • Cleaning filters of the indoor unit (s)
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit; (dust, leaves,)
  • Control of the compressor, fans, condensate drainage
  • Inspection of the pipes (leaks, crevices,) and their insulation
  • Supplement refrigerant and / or oil overhaul of the defrost system
  • Complete maintenance and inspection of the control equipment, settings and alarm
  • Disinfect your air conditioning system; (against fungi and bacteria)

If you read the above list, you would think that maintenance and air conditioning costs a lot of money. However, you already have maintenance of an air conditioning system from $ 75 excl. Request different offers and compare the different prices at electricians for the installation of new air conditioning, repair and maintenance with good at aircon servicing.

Have air conditioning repaired

If you provide periodic maintenance for the air conditioning, repairs / repairs will not occur that often. The most common problems with cooling systems are:

  • Air conditioning is defective and does not work anymore
  • Problems with electronics & display
  • Foulsmell from the air conditioning
  • Fungi or bacteria in the unit or pipes; (infection-disinfecting)
  • Air conditioning does not cool or not fully / fully desired temperature is not achieved
  • Air conditioning makes a lot of noise
  • Control system no longer works; (timer, thermostat,)
  • Air conditioning is not environmentally friendly and consumes electricity