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The switch to the Cloud has started at many companies with just one person with a vision. The idea originated somewhere and gradually it spreads through the company. But if you also want to make the switch, it is useful to have a plan to make everything run as smoothly as possible. Mirage put a number of tips in a row.

The noses in the same direction

Before the plan is implemented it is advisable to get the noses all in the same direction. At every level one must be aware that there will be a profound change, but also that this change is better for the company. Organize meetings with the different groups in the company, which are usually led by the ICT manager and communicate a clear message about the why and how of this step. Determine in advance which plan and which approach will be used. For the Reliable Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore this is a very important matter.

Know the numbers

Think about the costs. This must be well underpinned. Unfortunately, there is no simple calculation to see if working with the Cloud is going to be cost-effective compared to working without the Cloud, unfortunately there are too many variables. It is important to look at the areas in which the influences can be noticed immediately, and which cloud solution best fits this. The way in which you determine the Cloud deployment determines whether it is financially attractive. Mirage can help with this! Together we look for the most efficient solution for you.

Find agreement

Even the smallest opposition is counter-productive. So make sure everyone agrees with the decision. Help from above can help with this.

Provide a Cloud team

When the decision is made, make sure that a cloud core team is formed. It will be a group of people who will become the point of contact for the rollout of the plan. A vital role in ensuring the integration of the Cloud into your company.


With the core team in place, the details of the planning can be decided. The total picture should not be lost sight of. The drawing and mapping of the current situation is therefore important. The mapping of applications, processes and relationships is the first step. As soon as this is clear, one can start planning the transfer.

View the security

Before anything changes, you will first have to look at what your security profile will be. Which standards do you want to use? We can help you with your choice!

Take it easy

Do not go all-in immediately, but do it step by step. If the easily accessible parts are transferred first, a workable process can be formulated which applies to the more difficult applications.


Make sure that everything that can be automated is done automatically. Besides that manual processes can lead to errors, the automatic process ensures that you can concentrate on important matters.

Ready for large-scale migration

Determine which apps can and cannot access the Cloud. You can distinguish four categories: rehost, replatform, refactor and replace. With this in mind, you can dive into the Cloud with confidence!

Finally we take a closer look at the split aircon or the aircon with outdoor unit. This air conditioning system is perfect for quietly cooling a home. With one outdoor unit you can control different indoor units in different rooms and thus provide every room with cool and fresh air. Since the compressor is in the outdoor unit, you do not suffer from noise inside. In addition, the tubes from the outdoor unit to the indoor units are a lot narrower and smaller in diameter. With a split aircon you also have the subdivision between a single or multi split aircon. You can keep Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd as the helping hand here.

In this first, the outdoor unit is attached to the outside of the wall where the indoor unit is located. In the case of a multi-split aircon, the placement of the outdoor unit is separate from the indoor units. The best way to have the new installation of the split air conditioning system, renovation and split air conditioning repaired is to a certified installer of air conditioning systems.

Maintenance air conditioning

If you have installed a fixed air conditioning system monoblock or split air conditioning then it is more than advisable to have the air conditioning checked annually. A certified technician then provides a thorough maintenance. The maintenance of air conditioning prevents many problems and possible repairs.

Maintenance of air conditioning includes

  • Cleaning filters of the indoor unit (s)
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit; (dust, leaves,)
  • Control of the compressor, fans, condensate drainage
  • Inspection of the pipes (leaks, crevices,) and their insulation
  • Supplement refrigerant and / or oil overhaul of the defrost system
  • Complete maintenance and inspection of the control equipment, settings and alarm
  • Disinfect your air conditioning system; (against fungi and bacteria)

If you read the above list, you would think that maintenance and air conditioning costs a lot of money. However, you already have maintenance of an air conditioning system from $ 75 excl. Request different offers and compare the different prices at electricians for the installation of new air conditioning, repair and maintenance with good at aircon servicing.

Have air conditioning repaired

If you provide periodic maintenance for the air conditioning, repairs / repairs will not occur that often. The most common problems with cooling systems are:

  • Air conditioning is defective and does not work anymore
  • Problems with electronics & display
  • Foulsmell from the air conditioning
  • Fungi or bacteria in the unit or pipes; (infection-disinfecting)
  • Air conditioning does not cool or not fully / fully desired temperature is not achieved
  • Air conditioning makes a lot of noise
  • Control system no longer works; (timer, thermostat,)
  • Air conditioning is not environmentally friendly and consumes electricity

Image to Excel Converter is a very useful application for everyone who works with Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis, with various lists, financial documents or any other documents. Question: why? Because the application will save you from wasting time and effort to rewrite entire tables manually.First, although it looks like another application for scanning, in fact, it is not. The main difference is that scanned is usually not edited, and converted spreadsheets are edited. In addition, this unique application has much more to offer:

  • High quality conversion thanks to powerful OCR technology
  • Best Excel Converter to Convert Image to Excel
  • Excellent and full recognition of rows and columns
  • Complex tables on paper or screenshots of documents can also be converted.
  • No restrictions on file size and number of converted files.
  • Easily convert documents together and access them from other applications
  • The converted file is in the .xlsx format and is immediately ready for future use.
  • The next important fact is that Image to Excel Converter has an instinctively clear design, which makes it very easy and convenient to use. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to manage; in just three steps the image is converted quickly and successfully.
  • Turn your Android phone into a portable scanner using the CamScanner application
  • How to convert image to excel?
  • First, download the app from the Play Store and open it.
  • Select the image you would like to convert: take a new photo or select one from the existing ones.
  • Trim the photo accordingly to convert the image to Excel.
  • In order to work on the table, you need the Excel application itself.

Easy and simple, as promised earlier

Now let’s see in which situations you can use this application, and how Image to Excel can help you in your daily activities. So if you opt for then you can be sure of its outcome.

Boost productivity

You may have many documents that can be reused, such as old reports, inventory lists, price lists, and more, and you will not need to create new ones with the same content. This will be a real waste of time if you do not take full advantage of the application, for example, take the latest lists for the year and throw them away. Instead, use them wisely and practically – just take a picture of an old and already used document and turn it into a current document that needs to be completed as soon as possible. Thus, you will save a lot of time, since, as a rule, there is a lot of repetitive information and constant data. Another positive side is that you will be more productive and efficient, because you won’t waste time re-typing existing data manually. It’s like a personal assistant who does all the tedious and annoying work for you, while you can devote time to more complex tasks.


In general, Image to Excel Converter will certainly find a place in your smartphone and will give you a helping hand in various situations. With it, you can convert jpg to excel, png to excel and many more other image formats.