SEO is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”, in German: Search Engine Optimization. SEO means all measures that help to improve websites for search engines – such as Google. As a goal SEO should improve the rankings for certain search terms within the search result list, so that your page for a certain keyword – for example, “unicorn mask” – as far as possible listed on the top Google and other search engines.

Better rankings means more visitors

The better your rankings are, the more website visitors come to your site via search engines: According to a study gets the first Google position from 33% of traffic from, position 2 only just under 18% and only one in ten users clicks on the third result , It must be said that this data comes from the year 2013. Meanwhile, the organic search results – those search results that are unpaid – compete with advanced search results, such as Featured Snippets. The SEO Companies in Phoenix come with the perfect deals now.

Think of the users

However, with all SEO measures, you should not lose sight of your website visitors and always remember the user behind the search engine, because Google also writes:

“Search engine optimization is about putting the website in the best possible position with regard to search engine visibility, but your overriding goal is to get users into your site, not search engines.”

You should internalize this first basic rule: Optimize your site not for search engines, but for real people!

SEO measures

SEO measures should optimize your page not only for the search engine, but primarily for the users!

SEO reading sources

If you are still an absolute SEO greenhorn, then you should read these sources in any case. This very good basic information will help you get a basic understanding of search engine optimization.


Sistrix also presents the basics of search engine optimization to future SEOs in presentations. In addition, Sistrix’s history of Google Updates is very well rendered graphically. In addition, there is the blog of Sistrix’s, where in addition to news from the SEO scene and blog posts are published on various topics.


Anyone who does not shy away from English-language blogs should refer to MOZ. On the blogyou will find some good content about SEO, from many different guest authors. Changes to the algorithm are usually first applied in the US; for this reason, it is also very useful to have US blogs on the radar. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO andthe Whiteboard Fridays are also very comprehensive and helpful.

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