Do you want to get well-paid 3d modeling projects? Let your future clients consider you as a skilled 3d visualization artist – get an online education.

Top-3 3D Modeling Courses to Add to Your 3D Artist Website

3d artists and other representatives of modern jobs know how important it is to develop your skills and follow the tendencies. The software is constantly updating, professionals and experts bring new to the 3d modeling world, and you don’t want to keep out of that.

That’s why we’ve collected the best 3d modeling courses. Finish them and show the certificate on your 3d artist website. It’ll bring you to the next level in the clients’ eyes.

№1 – Udemy

This platform offers more than 100 000 courses to curious students. The developers have collected the best specialists from all corners of the world to bring knowledge on a large variety of languages. Look through the website.

  • Courses on 3ds Max and Blender for beginners;
  • Vehicle 3 modeling in Blender;
  • Specialized lessons on video games modeling;
  • Courses on low poly buildings modeling;
  • And even how to create 3d models in Photoshop.

Sometimes there are attractive offers and sales, so your 3d artist website can become more reach without huge expenditures.

№2 – CG Spectrum

This website is a platform for studying 3d modeling, VFX, animation and game design. As it doesn’t cover other fields, the quality of education attracts new students from different parts of the world. Their graduates are working in Epic Games, Dream Works and Sony Pictures Animation. But these aren’t the only advantages of this website:

  • Every 3d visualization artist is offered with a trial period to decide whether to finish the courses or not;
  • To get inspired one can read real students’ testimonials, there are hundreds of them in a special section;
  • The education is personalized as students work in small groups.

№3 – Coursera

How could we ignore this one of the most popular online educational platforms? Their courses are popular among different specialists. And we assure you, a Coursera’s certificate will be a pearl of your 3d artist website. These are the most interesting lessons we’ve found:

  • Courses devoted to CAD;
  • Special courses on game design;
  • Courses to master BIM technologies.


Don’t be afraid of getting new knowledge and changing your approaches to everyday work. Technologies won’t stop their development, so you too shouldn’t stop becoming an expert in 3d modeling services. Who knows, maybe this education will inspire you to open your own 3d art studio like3dreach.

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